Montreal functor study group

This is the homepage for the weekly study group on Colmez’s Montreal functor organized by Finn Wiersig, James Taylor and myself in Hilary Term 2024 at Oxford.


All talks will be held on Thursdays, 11.15 to 12.30 in C2. Please email me if you would like to be added to or removed from the current mailing list.

Week Number Topic Speaker Notes
Week 2, Jan 25 mod p representations of GL2(Qp) Alex [Written]
Week 3, Feb 1 mod p Galois reps; mod p LLC for GL2(Qp) Zach [Typed] [Written]
Week 4, Feb 8 Banach space representations Mick [Written]
Week 5, Feb 15 (phi,Gamma)-modules Arun [Typed]
Week 6, Feb 22 No talk
Week 7, Feb 29 Definition of the Montreal functor James T [Written 1] [Written 2]
Week 8, Mar 7 (11.15-12.30) Properties of the Montreal functor Havard [Typed] [Written]
Week 8, Mar 7 (13.30-15.00) p-adic LLC for GL2(Qp) James N [Written]